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‚Extremely funny … I can only heartily encourage you to read this [book, which] hides real delight and serious philosophizing in between its slim, sensational pages.‘
Playing by the Book

‚Another engaging book for practically any age‘
Spectator Best Children’s Authors of 2015

An astonishing book… one of a kind
Jewish Chronicle

‚Hub manages to recreate the ancient tale with a hilarious twist and keen observations on friendship, how our decisions impact those around us, and of course, religion… Deserves to be read by everyone‘
Library Mice

‚A complete triumph five stars‘

‚A wonderfully funny story which asks many important questions and provides a wealth of clever answers‘

‚Punchy, funny, brilliantly illustrated‘

‚Outstandingly funny… deals with the important questions about God and life, without forcing the reader too early to accept concrete answers
WERTvolle Bucher

‚I have rarely read such an impressive children’s book which is as deliciously amusing Kids It’s rare to be able to laugh so much while reading a book based on such a serious biblical source‘
Catholic Children’s and YA Award

‚Hilarious but strangely profound‘

‚Questions galore after eight…to make you laugh and think‘
Alligator’s Mouth bookshop, Richmond

‚5 out of 5 stars‘

‚Bloody marvellous‘
Sam Leith

‚Wonderfully funny, facetious, liberating and at the same time substantial… an unusually fun, thoughtful read for everyone!‘

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